House restumping

House restumping

How to tell if your stumps need replacing

There are many tell tale signs of stumps that are failing. Here are some:

If you notice

  • Internal doors are not closing properly
  • There is a spring in the floorboards when you walk on them or they vibrate
  • Your internal floorboards are sagging or objects on the floor roll
  • You have cracks appearing in the internal walls
  • There are gaps between the stumps and the house
  • There are splits or cracks in the stumps
  • Existing stumps can be shaken or show movement

Then you need to replace some stumps!

What causes stump failure?

House foundation stump failure is likely due to a combination of age, wear and erosion. Over the years timber stumps will naturally deteriorate as they are subject to years of weather and changing soil conditions, and in some cases pest infestation such as termites that can cause timbers to rot.  In many cases the damage is not visible purely by looking at the stump from the ground up. Timber will naturally expand and shrink and in Queensland this can be extreme as hot humid days will cause condensation to build up (which attracts termites). Flooding rains can cause the earth under your house to move becoming sodden and possibly sinking or shrinking (subsidence) as it dries out resulting in stumps no longer providing a firm house foundation.  Trees and bushes around your home will also compete for root space and water, and block the natural ventilation pathways.

Budget House Raising and Restumping can solve these issues simply by replacing worn or rotted stumps with new steel stumps, re-levelling your home and restoring the foundation.

If you look up and see wall cracks - look down to see where the problem is! 

Re-stumping Queensland homes for more than 25 years

Budget Restumping has been re-stumping and leveling houses for over 25 years and during this time we have established a solid name in the industry. Read our testimonials or contact us for a quote.