House Raising

House Raising

Lift your home to new heights!

If you're pondering that unusable space beneath your home then consider raising your house to get access to valuable floor space. Need somewhere to park your car or provide storage areas?  Need extra bedrooms or entertaining areas?  Or just want somewhere for the studio or workshop you've always wanted, then house raising may be the answer.

Why build up when you can build down?

Almost anything built on stumps can be raised to legal heights, dramatically increasing the usable floor space. Budget Re-stumping and House Raising use the best quality materials and our highly professional staff carry out the job to ensure the end result complies with all structural and legal regulations, and of course, to your complete satisfaction.

Visit our photo gallery to see what can be achieved with house raising.

Raising Queensland homes for more than 25 years

Budget Restumping and House Raising has been raising and leveling houses for over 25 years and during this time we have established a solid name in the industry. Read our testimonials or contact us for a quote