Under house excavation

Queensland homes

In many instances, the space under a house is a valuable resource that is wasted. These days a site must be perfectly flat to accommodate a concrete slab, but in the old days of house building typically earth under a house was removed just enough to cater to the height of the stumps upon which it was to be built.  This resulted in many Queensland homes built on timber stumps having mountains of unlevel earth between and around the stumps thus making the space unusable.

Excavation and house raising can considerably increase the amount of your living space by making unusable space potentially usable.

Raising your home and clearing the earth can provide extra storage areas, car parking, play areas, or even living areas where the height is available. 

Consider raising your house at the time of earth excavation.

Professional excavation jobs

We believe that a complete job includes excavation and site clean. We have our own excavation equipment and staff to ensure that the job site is safe as our excavation operators are experienced on a full range of house raising sites.

Raising Queensland homes for more than 25 years

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